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Built on over 70 years of experience BISON is today one of the world’s leading providers of clamping technology solutions. Founded in 1948 in Poland BISON grew to be a trusted quality supplier of self-centering chucks and vices to markets in Eastern Europe. In Western Europe and the U.S. BISON has been accepted as an influential supplier of quality clamping solutions since the early 1980s. Following privatization in 1997 and the appointment of an international management team in 2007 the company was re-structured to increase efficiency, productivity and quality. Meanwhile, the product range has continued to expand and now includes power chucks, large & special chucks, toolholders, CNC vices and spindle tooling.

Okuma Europe GmbH recommends BISON clamping solutions as recommendable equipment for CNC machines. BISON Brand products offer high accuracy and repeatability of clamping for precise machining. BISON products meet Okuma’s standards.

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Norbert Teeuwen

President (COO)

Okuma Europe GmbH

Endurance that gives confidence

Since its inception in 1948, BISON products have been known for their high quality, durability and precision. Today, after more than 70 years, we are a leading manufacturer of tooling for machine tools with an established position worldwide. The high quality of our products is best spoken of: extremely long service life, accuracy, functionality, as well as favorable prices.

In the company's development process, we make every effort to ensure that BISON brand products are recognized worldwide as products of the highest standard of performance. We constantly strive to maintain the image of BISON S.A. developed over the years. as a synonym of perfection. Still, the most important are the quality and continuous development of the company, aimed at meeting the expectations of its customers.