Terms of warranty

Dear Customer,


On behalf of BISON S.A. we would like to thank you for choosing our product!


We believe that using our products will bring you a lot of satisfaction. Our employees will provide you with all technical information on the products and assist you in choosing the appropriate spare parts and accessories from our wide product portfolio.


The product you have purchased is covered with a warranty, which is part of the service we provide to our dear Customers.


Please take time to carefully familiarise yourself with the warranty conditions listed below:


1. BISON S.A., with headquarters located in Białystok, by 13 Myśliwska street, Poland, guarantees proper operation of products for a period of 24 months from the date of purchase.

2. The warranty covers defects resulting from causes inherent in the sold product.

3. The Buyer may take advantage of the rights arising from this Warranty on the following conditions:

a. presenting the proof of purchase

b. submitting the faulty product.

4. The Warranty covers only products assembled and used in accordance with the Manual.

5. Should a fault become evident in the warranty period the Customer is asked to notify BISON S.A. in writing via post or email sent to the following email address: sales@bison-chuck.com.

6. The Buyer is obliged to include in the complaint notification the type and size of the purchased product and its serial number, describe the defect of the product or any damage occurred. The notification must be attached with the invoice under which the product was purchased.

7. Before submitting the product to BISON S.A. the Buyer is obliged to clean, preserve and secure the product against damage and destruction that may occur during the transport. This applies also to cases when the product is submitted to BISON S.A. through third parties.

8. The notified complaint will be processed under the condition of returning the product in its original packaging with its complete equipment and all the documents (Manual and Quality Certificate).

9. The notified complaint will be processed within 30 days from the date of submitting the product to BISON S.A. However, should there be a need to conduct necessary tests or expert’s studies, or should it be impossible to correct the notified defects for reasons

beyond the control of BISON S.A. other than the ones indicated above, the aforementioned period shall be extended by the time necessary to correct the defects.

10. If the Buyer’s complaint, as referred to in point 9 of the General Warranty Conditions, is classified as reasonable, BISON S.A. shall correct the defect within 21 days from the date on which the complaint was recognised as reasonable, subject to the provisions of point 11 of the General Warranty Conditions. The time of correcting the defect may be prolonged should it be impossible to correct the recognised defect for reasons beyond the control of BISON S.A.

11. The Buyer is entitled to have the product replaced with a new one if:

a. he has had five in-warranty repairs done during the Warranty Period of BISON S.A.;

b. it is impossible to correct the defect;

c. BISON S.A. does not correct the defect within the time limit specified in point 10 of the General Warranty Conditions, subject to the provisions of point 13 of the General Warranty Conditions.

12. BISON S.A. shall replace the product with a new one or provide the Buyer with a refund within a period agreed on with the Buyer but not longer than 90 days from the date on which one of the conditions specified in point 11 of this General Warranty Conditions occurred.

13. Rights arising from the Warranty may be lost should the following conditions occur:

a. improper use of the products, use of the products not in compliance with their purpose, instalment and exploitation as well as a maintenance not compliant with the principles included in the Manual.

b. the product has been repaired at an unauthorised service point;

c. the Buyer has had arbitrary changes made to the construction of the product or had the product modified;

d. the product has been used with non-original spare parts or equipment other than the original one.

e. use of consumables – lubricants or oils – other than the ones recommended in the Manual to BISON S.A. products.

14. Should the notified complaint on a defect appear groundless, BISON S.A. has the right to charge the Buyer with the costs of return and delivery of the product, as well as with the costs of the control tests.

15. BISON S.A. shall not be held responsible for the consequences of the use of its products in ways incompatible with their purpose, the use of its products after modifications and contrary to the provisions included in the Manual.

16. The court competent to solve any disputes arising in relation to the sale of the products is the court of competent venue for BISON S.A.

17. The fact that the Buyer has exercised his warranty rights does not result in the transfer of the ownership of the product to BISON S.A.

18. The warranty for the sold product does not exclude, limit or suspend the Buyer's lawfulrights resulting from the provisions on the warranty for defects in the sold item.

19. The provisions of this Rules and Regulations regulating the rights or obligations of the Customer in a manner contrary to or inconsistent with the rights of consumers arising from the generally applicable laws or adversely affecting consumers’ interest do not apply to consumers. This applies in particular to point 16 of the General Warranty Conditions.